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The robust design of our test equipment, cables and connectors have been proven on the finest military aircraft, from the F-111 and F-4, to the F-15, F-16, F18, F-22, F-35, A-10, and V-22. Under the strain of war and peace, in heat and cold, dry and wet environments, WilliamsRDM products protect the warfighter, the aircraft and the taxpayer by keeping all aspects of the supply-chain in mind, saving time on the flight-line, limiting re-supply and ensuring mission readiness.


Covert Solar Power

The WilliamsRDM Covert Smart Solar Power System is a camouflaged solar charging system for remote deployments. It can be used with the Start system or with various other third-party surveillance and security systems that use traditional solar panels. The system incorporates a camouflaged solar panel with accompanying circuitry which can be covertly deployed to avoid detection. The circuit is designed to extract as much solar energy as possible under varying light conditions using power tracking algorithms…

Fire Suppression

StoveTop FireStop is manufactured by a family-owned business that has been focused on safety products for over a half century. As our business continues to grow, we hope to save more lives and protect more homes than ever before.



Drilling and exploration operations function in similarly hostile environments as our military. Taking the same approach that we took in aerospace, resulted in a new igniter that was not only more reliable, but increased efficiency by taking 24 core samples instead of the one, and ultimately high-temperature/high-pressure connectors and igniters.

Perimeter Security

When deploying Covert Sensors camouflaging the sensors is important. Equally important is the speed that these sensors can be installed and camouflaged. A perfectly covert system is of no use if camouflaging that system took too long to install. The installation could have been observed, or the site may have been unintentionally trampled both leading to a perfectly covert system site being burned. Ideally the sensor and its camouflage should be deployed in a matter of minutes. Any longer and the installation time may be the reason the sensor site is identified.