Products – Aerospace/Defense

WP500-1 Smart DVD

The 500-series Smart DVD continues the legacy of reliable and rugged ground support equipment which has been deployed across the globe in various configurations for F-16, F-35, F-15, and A-10. This single hand-held tester can replace the current WP440, WP416, and WP435 DVDs.


Armadillo I- / O-Level AME Tester

SERD 75A60

Designed to be the fastest, most reliable “I-” and “O”-level tester for operation in harsh environments, the 500 SMST’s compact size, simple design, and intelligent architecture enable it to function across multiple aircraft platforms. New armaments are easily added to the configuration, while the unit’s architecture performs enhanced sequencing for less cable swapping.

ATE-tested, AMS-81914 – compliant CABLES

We use conduit that is AMS-81914-compliant, with both EMI-shielded and non-shielded designs available. Our cable assemblies, designed to be repairable using basic tools, are built for the flightline environment, boasting 75lb. tensile strength on each cable leg and are tested to -54 /+74 degrees Celsius.

Digital Armament Circuits Test Set (DACTS)

SERD 75A56

The heart of each kit is our Digital Voltage Detector (DVD)—an easy-to-use, reliable pre-load tester that also contains the cables and connectors needed for a particular aircraft/stores configuration. Although a relatively new product, WilliamsRDM’s DACTS is common to USAF and FMS programs, including the A-10 (440), F-16 (416) and F-35 (435) platforms. Unlike the legacy 467-2 and 467-3 “Beer Can” circuit testers it replaces, the DVD is more cost effective, rugged, easy to operate with a one hand,and requires less frequent calibration