Armadillo — 500-series Stores Management System Tester

SERD 75A60

Designed to be the fastest, most reliable “I-” and “O”-level tester for operation in harsh environments, the 500 SMST’s compact size, simple design, and intelligent architecture enable it to function across multiple aircraft platforms. New armaments are easily added to the configuration, while the unit’s architecture performs enhanced sequencing for less cable swapping.

  • Fanless and Quiet The unit’s low power components means no  fans for quiet operation and an interior sealed from  the environment.
  • Self-contained and secure No external client needed for  access—all software, and security measures reside in the tester.
  • Update. Upgrade. Repair. AME updates are easily added to  reduce downtime and the system is field repairable at the  component level.
  • Self Testing Includes self-test internal circuitry so the user can  quickly get up and running again.
Supported AME
  • M61 A1 gun system (O-Level)
  • SUU-20 (I-Level)
  • M61 A1 gun control unit (I-Level)
  • 1760 Communications
  • LAU-129 Launcher (O/I level)
  • SUU-20
  • TER-9A (I-Level)
  • 1760 Weapons/BRU-57
  • AIM-7 Pylon (RDRL)
  • MAU-12 (I-Level)
  • LAU-88A/A
  • LAU-117/LAU-88 (I-Level)
  • HIAK
  • LAU-118 (O-Level)


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