SmartDVD (WP500-1)

All-in-One Common Tester

The 500-series Smart DVD continues the legacy of reliable and rugged ground support equipment which has been deployed across the globe in various configurations for
F-16, F-35, F-15, and A-10. 

A single hand-held tester that could replace the current WP440, WP416, and WP435 DVDs. The new tester will also have the ability to perform automated TPS’s using new cables/adapters and will have some new test functions, while maintaining the ability to utilize legacy cables & adapters to perform the same test functions as the current units.

3rd Generation Cables

Cable jackets are flexible yet durable with strain relief up to 75 lbs. Environmentally sealed. Threaded backshells for field repairability. 

Improved User Experience

The DVD interface is easily read in low light or direct sunlight. The user can see the actual measurements.

Increased Battery Life

Battery life has been extended to 50 hours with use of two COTS “AA” batteries and a low-power design.

Preferred Tester

DACTS and DVD are the prefered preload testers in seven countries.


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